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Family affected by fire in District VII receives new house

The Dignified Housing Program promoted by the Good Government, through the municipality, built a new home in an emergency, turning Mrs. Guadalupe del Carmen into the rightful protagonist González Landez, a resident ofThe Laureles Sur neighborhood, which was affected by a fire in recent days.

The keys to Decent Housing were delivered on the afternoon of this Wednesday, May 10, by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, and she shared that the tragedy was caused by a short circuit, turning the dreams of Mrs. Guadalupe into ashes, when she lost her home. and their belongings, on the night of Tuesday, April 18.

“She really lost everything, including she had been sewing for 18 years with a little machine that she had here at home and it burned down, sadly it was a total loss, but thanks to that community and political organization that the Sandinista Front represents in every one of the communities and neighborhoods, he was immediately attended to,” reported Rueda.

Likewise, the capital official highlighted that 25 homes have been delivered in the Laureles Sur neighborhood, including today's.

For her part, the beneficiary thanked the Good Government for the support and timely response she received, "my house burned down at 8 at night and at 8 in the morning the Mayor's Office was already here, with all the services to do my little house and that same day construction began,” said González.

Doña Guadalupe, 71 years old, will enjoy her new home, accompanied by 3 adults and 2 children.

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