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Five blocks are built in the second phase of the Hialeah neighborhood

The road network of the Hialeah neighborhood, located in District I, continues to grow thanks to the Streets for the People Program, which began covering 5 new blocks with asphalt. The project will benefit the inhabitants of the second stage of the neighborhood.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, during a supervision tour, shared with the residents the joy for the progress that this community is making.

“Because Hialeah continues to progress, you know that these streets of Hialeah and Dimitrov were impassable, they were almost impenetrable neighborhoods and now they have asphalt streets, sidewalks, hydraulic concrete streets, lighting, drinking water. This neighborhood is one of the areas of Managua that has progressed the most with the Government of Comandante Daniel”, mentioned Armas.

He also added that today they were ready, "5 clad streets that have required an investment of 3 million 118 thousand córdobas directed by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario. We are talking about an investment that will benefit 5,532 residents of the area, grouped into 1,383 families."

With the coating of the blocks that were previously in their natural state, this emblematic program advances in Managua with 27.3 percent.

The new road work for the population is a palpable achievement, through the policies of the Good Government that seek the well-being of Nicaraguan families.

“First of all, we thank God for enlightening our Commander, Compañera Rosario to be able to benefit all the communities, now it was our turn, we have been waiting for these streets for 30 years, now the population will be able to mobilize for them, compañeros who use wheelchairs, on the cable car, for them this is a great benefit”, affirmed Mrs. Argentina Sánchez, one of the founders of the neighborhood.

In the first stage of streets for the town in district I, 26 new blocks will be built with an investment of 38 million córdobas.

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