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Williamsport Children's Baseball National Championship Ends

An exciting afternoon was the one that took place in the National Final of the Williamsport Children's Baseball League, where the Managua-A team faced the Rivas team, this Sunday, May 7, at the Roberto Clemente Stadium, located in the park Luis Alfonso Velasquez Flores.

In this “One-sided” Children's Baseball match, the Rivas team defeated the Managua-A team 5-0, thus qualifying to represent Nicaragua in the Latin American Championship, to be held in Maracaibo, Venezuela from 1 to July 9th.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, shared that this is an effort of the Good Government, so that children are trained in different sports disciplines.

"They are going to represent us as Nicaragua, in the coming months in Venezuela in the Latin American Championship and later in the World Cup, we are very proud of everything we have achieved," said Rueda.

For his part, Noel González, Sports Director of the municipality, pointed out that there were 10 clubs that participated in the national tournament, "the trust that has been placed in this little league program has been important, all the support we have received from part of the Mayor's Office of Managua and the Government led by Commander Daniel Ortega, so that this event and many more become possible”.

Kenner Barrantes, captain of the Rivas team, thanked the Sandinista government and his family for the support they have given them, "we made almost 6 knockouts and won, now we are going to do our best there."

For the second consecutive year, Nicaragua will participate in the Latin American Baseball League, remembering that last year the Pinolero team, Managua-A from 14 de Septiembre, represented Nicaragua and Latin America in the World Cup that was held in Pennsylvania, United States.

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