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Comarca La Hoyada will have better access roads

The Streets for the People 2023 Program ends the first week of May, improving access roads and living conditions for families in the La Hoyada region, District I.

The work consists of the asphalt coating of 5.3 blocks, with which 271 streets are served and a compliance of 26.44 percent, with respect to the 1,027 blocks projected to be served for this year.

The supervision of the project was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who shared with the leading families the commitment of the Good Government to continue developing this type of works, to continue improving the living conditions of the entire population.

"In these 5.3 blocks delivered to families today we have an investment of 5 million 670 thousand córdobas, with this we are advancing and this work is part of the Streets for the People Program that we articulate with our central government, to be able to serve with greater facility and widely more neighborhoods in our municipality, so this year we are investing 2 thousand 440 million córdobas, in 151 projects of the street program in 105 neighborhoods throughout Managua”, said Rueda.

Likewise, he explained that this project guarantees the well-being and future of 160 families in the community and in the last 2 years 8 million 065 thousand córdobas have been invested, through the lining of 2.5 blocks with hydraulic concrete last year and now the asphalt paving of 5.3 new blocks.

For their part, the families involved expressed their gratitude for the development of the work.

"Before, we used to go out by cart, but we couldn't get all the product out, that is, we took out half and the other half was lost, but today with this road we have easier access to travel in vehicles, caponeras, buses and any other type of transportation,” said Mrs. Lilliam Duarte, a resident who was born and raised in the community.

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