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Families from the Primero de Mayo neighborhood receive renovated park and soccer field

On National Dignity Day, leading families from District IV celebrated with great joy the rehabilitation of the Primero de Mayo Community Park, a project that is part of the 2023 Annual Investment Plan.

During the activity, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, shared that, with the rehabilitation of this recreational center, the right to healthy fun is being restored to more than 2,000 protagonists in this area.

“Very happy with this restitution of rights, delivering it completely renovated, but it is not only for the families of this area, here we have the Venezuela neighborhood, María Auxiliadora, Ducualí, here 15 lights were installed, the children's games were renovated, the entire perimeter of the park is new, the trash cans and drinking fountains are totally renewed”, reported Rueda.

The mothers of families were happy and expressed that this place of distraction brings security and healthy fun to their children, "how much our Good Government is investing in youth so that they can enjoy themselves, we as mothers will know that our children are safe here, because they are going to enjoy this park”, said Mrs. Ana Aranda.

In the same way, the 14-year-old teenager Jean Carlos Espinoza, stated that it is important for young people, because they can now play sports, "we play soccer, this park benefits us a lot, it is good, because they are leaving vices to come and recreate here ”.

This renovation work had an investment of 435,040 córdobas and for this year, through the PIA 2023, 123,600,000 córdobas will be invested in 80 parks in Managua.

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