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Commune of the capital celebrates the Day of National Dignity

With a photographic exhibition, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua celebrated the Day of National Dignity, on the morning of this Thursday, May 4, at the Blanca Aráuz Museum, located on Paseo Xolotlán.

The cultural day was held in homage to the day on which the General of Free Men and Women, Augusto C. Sandino, in 1927, rejected the Pact of the Black Thorn and opposed the establishment of military, political and economic interventionism by the US government.

“Always in homage to our General Sandino, all the mayors of the different municipalities are celebrating activities on this Day of National Dignity. Our authorities, we are remembering our General Sandino, who since 1927 continues to illuminate us more every day, to continue winning these battles that the Nicaraguan people are achieving,” said Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

María Angelina Gómez Ortez, daughter of General Miguel Ángel Ortez, expressed her satisfaction for celebrating this day, "thank God because I am here with you, my father gave his life for Nicaragua, he was part of the army defending National Sovereignty."

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