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Capital authorities participate in the beginning of the Ticuantepe Patron Saint Festivities

On the afternoon of this Thursday, May 4, the patron saint festivities of Ticuantepe began, there will be 15 days of festivities that will be held in different tourist destinations in the municipality, boosting the economy of tourism entrepreneurs in the area, as reported by the Vice Mayor of Managua , Enrique Armas Rosales, during the presentation of the candidates for Miss Chiquitita.

Armas, highlighted the economic and tourist growth that Ticuantepe has achieved in recent years, through the efforts of its municipal authorities with the support of the Central Government.

"We are sharing with the brothers of Ticuantepe the beginning of the patron saint festivities, the best musical groups in the country will be here, these festivities will be a resounding success thanks to the work that Dr. Ramírez and the Vice Mayor, Juan Carlos, have been doing in coordination with our government in favor of the development of the municipality”, shared Armas.

There are two weeks of patron saint festivities, which will include the popular election of queen to Miss Chiquitita, ribbon races, the pike stick and will end with an equestrian parade on May 21, as confirmed by the Mayor of Ticuantepe, Compañera Ligia Ramírez.

"We are happy to share these festivities with the families of our municipality, in which traditions are rescued and the local economy is revitalized. We invite all families to be part of these joyous festivities and to learn more about our municipality, we have attractions such as the Chocoyero Reserve, Vista del Ángel, as well as the different restaurants and establishments that make Ticuantepe a naturally beautiful place,” added Ramírez.

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