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The Streets for the People Program has 25 percent progress

The emblematic Streets for the People 2023 Program advances at a good pace, guaranteeing better living conditions for families in the capital, through the paving of streets in poor condition or dirt, reaching 25.18 percent, with 258 blocks served out of 1 thousand 027 projected for this year.

Comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, visited the Villa Austria and Américas I neighborhoods this Wednesday, April 26, to supervise the execution and progress of the streets program, where road improvement work begins with leveling and repair of the base, to place the asphalt layer.

“For this year the Streets for the People 2023 Program plans to pave 927 blocks of asphalt, plus 100 blocks of hydraulic concrete, because the Good Government approved 2 thousand 440 million córdobas, to continue building, repairing and conditioning streets, throughout the municipality of Managua”, detailed Armas.

The beneficiary population expressed their gratitude for the attention provided, "precisely today the dirt streets of Villa Austria are being finished, there are very few that remain, to finish paving the entire neighborhood and we think the government's management is very good and excellent ”, said the citizen José Luis Pineda.

For her part, the protagonist Lissette Fonseca Martínez, an inhabitant of the Américas I neighborhood, stated that the streets are a great blessing, “the restitution of our rights to the community has arrived, which for more than 50 years we have been waiting for, actually each government It is under an obligation to give all these projects to the residents, but this is the only government that has complied with the people.”

These road improvement works consist of paving 3 blocks in Villa Austria and 4 blocks in the Américas I neighborhood, with an investment of around 7 million córdobas and benefits the families of these 2 sectors located in District VII.

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