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Merchants from the Iván Montenegro market celebrate their 42nd anniversary

In an emotional meeting with cultural presentations, mariachis, promotions and discounts on all products, merchants from the popular Iván Montenegro market, known as the "King of Cheese", celebrated its 42nd anniversary on the morning of this Friday, April 21.

During the festivity, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales and the Municipal Corporation of Managua Markets (COMMEMA) presented recognition to 8 founding merchants of this shopping center.

“Here, what is sold the most are dairy products such as cheese, cream, products that are from Boaco, Chontales, Río San Juan, from the entire Central zone, but seafood such as fish, chops, shrimp are also sold here. , lobster,” Armas announced.

He also indicated that this market currently has 2,484 merchants, with more than 2,000 sections and is one of the most visited markets by Nicaraguan families.

The merchant Juana Karina Gaitán, one of the founders, thanked the Good Government for the attention and progress they have received during all these years.

“We have a government that cares about everyone, we opened on April 20, a huge sale and that is how we have been fighting, in the same place that we came, there we are, thanks to the government that we have today we are merchants, in those days we were street vendors , but today we have a government that supports us so that our children can get ahead,” said Gaitán.

Likewise, the merchants announced that the promotions and discounts of the products will continue this weekend, as part of the celebration.

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