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Departmental Tourism Cabinet of Managua presents results of the 2023 Summer Amores Plan

Thanks to the plans and strategies carried out by the National Government in coordination with the Departmental Tourism Cabinet of Managua, the Amores de Verano 2023 Plan was a resounding success. Among the scopes obtained, the tourist destinations of the capital reported the movement of 618 thousand 421 people, for a hotel occupancy of 9 thousand 462 rooms, from April 1 to 9.

Due to the influx of tourists, the first place was obtained by the beaches of Pochomil with 158 thousand tourists, the second place was the Port "Salvador Allende", with more than 100 thousand visitors and the third place was Paseo Xolotlán with 50 thousand visits.

The evaluation report was carried out before a delegation of businessmen and entrepreneurs from the entire department of Managua. During the event, Mayor Reyna Rueda highlighted the work of the institutions that carried out the logistics of the summer plan and the quality service offered by the establishments that received tourists.

"It really was a success, thanks to the peaceful environment, an atmosphere of harmony, where we all enjoyed ourselves, worked hard, we are heartily glad to see how families continue hand in hand with God enjoying the different tourist destinations," said Rueda.

During the presentation of the results, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales confirmed the work carried out by INTUR and the National Police to guarantee the success of the mobilization, supply and citizen security plan during the vacation week.

“Impressive 77,000 people moving through the Tipitapa area, 158,000 moving in Pochomil and Masachapa, respectable numbers, it has been a summer season with great news, the INTUR brothers did an intense job and the National Police guarded all the tourist routes. They deserve recognition, excellent work," said Armas.

The departmental cabinet was made up of all the deputy mayors of the Managua municipalities, the Minister and Departmental Delegate of INTUR, the National Police and the capital authorities, accompanied by businessmen and tourism entrepreneurs.

Compañera Anasha Campbell, co-director of Intur, reiterated her satisfaction with the results, congratulating the entrepreneurs for the fruit of this effort that they have been making since 2019 and presented the 12 new tourist routes that Nicaragua offers to the whole world.

"Nicaragua is a charming tourist destination that falls in love with its visitors for its originality, for its authenticity, because we offer unforgettable experiences to our visitors, whether they are nationals or of other nationalities," added Campbell.

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