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Monitoring of 6 blocks in the Germán Pomares neighborhood of District V

The Streets for the People 2023 Program is advancing at a good pace, improving the living conditions of Nicaraguan families in the Germán Pomares neighborhood of District V, where the capital authorities carried out a supervision visit on the morning of this Friday, April 14.

With this emblematic program, it is planned to execute 151 road improvement projects throughout this year 2023, with 1,027 new streets, of which up to now there is an advance of 20.9 percent, with 214 new blocks.

During the visit, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales indicated that this project has an investment of 5,400,000 córdobas and will guarantee the well-being of more than 3,800 families in this community.

“Filling and filling our beautiful capital with streets, today we are here in District V, in the Germán Pomares neighborhood, giving the pleasant news to the residents of the area and to sports friends that today their streets around the baseball stadium are ready. Carlos Núñez, there are 500 linear meters of streets”, shared Armas.

In the last 14 years, the Good Government has invested 40 million 569 thousand 243 thousand córdobas, in different works for the common good in this sector.

"First thanks to my Heavenly Father, to our government of Commander Daniel Ortega, to our Vice President and to the Mayor's Office, because we are going to enjoy these streets, today it is a reality, they are not finished, but if we are already enjoying it, it is a great achievement. ”, said the protagonist Mayra Ramos.

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