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New streets bring well-being to the families of the Villa Libertad Annex

With great joy, the families of the Anexo Villa Libertad neighborhood of District VII received the asphalt coating of five new streets, on the afternoon of this Friday, April 14.

During the opening ceremony, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado shared that the road improvement work had an investment of 5 million 441 thousand córdobas.

"It is an achievement, the triumphs belong to the people, here we see the result of the effort made by our Good Government through our Mayor's Office and specifically the Streets for the People Program, here we are bringing well-being to 1,826 families that live in this This sector is one of the largest neighborhoods we have in this District, with more than 14,000 brothers and sisters,” shared Rueda.

Likewise, the capital official highlighted that since 2009 to date, more than 47 million córdobas have been invested in this District VII.

The community expressed its gratitude to the Good Government and the municipal authorities for this progress, because the streets have been in poor condition since the neighborhood was founded.

"These streets were dusty, when it rained they were big puddles, you couldn't cross, thank God, the Good Government and the Mayor's Office, these new streets are for us to take care of, for our well-being," said the protagonist Guillermo Quintero.

To date, the Streets for the People Program has progressed by 23.9 percent, which means 240 blocks delivered so far this year, only in Managua.

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