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Families from the Venezuela neighborhood inaugurate Streets for the People

The inhabitants of the Venezuela neighborhood located in District IV, celebrated together with the municipal authorities the construction of 3 new blocks of road network, the project has an investment of 2.2 million córdobas and benefited 7,400 protagonists, as reported by the Mayor Reyna Rueda when delivering the work to the community.

"We continue advancing today we are delivering these streets with their respective platforms, because here there were no platforms, it is a permanent concern of our government to respond to the demands that the families presented, these streets were raised through the exchanges that we have with them" Rueda said.

With this work carried out by the Streets for the People Program, the neighborhood reaches 70 percent of its streets covered, improving the lives of 1,850 families.

Rueda highlighted that the municipality has invested 42.8 million córdobas in this neighborhood from 2009 to 2022 in various projects and this year Calles for the People, in its first stage will invest 9 million córdobas throughout District IV in the construction of 20 blocks .

Emelia Chamorro Osejo, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 35 years, expressed her gratitude to God and the authorities for making the dream of a lifetime come true.

“Our entire community is celebrating, when it rained we couldn't go out into the streets, there were currents and there were some big holes, here nobody could travel and now thanks to God and our President, the streets were beautiful as in a residential area, even the Older adults are going to go for a walk, because there is no longer any danger for them,” Chamorro said.

At the end of the first fortnight of April with the delivery of this project, the Streets for the People Program achieved an advance of 23.49 percent with 240.84 blocks served.

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