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Better access roads for the residents of the Hugo Chávez neighborhood

Families from the Hugo Chávez neighborhood celebrate the paving of 3 blocks that were on the ground, through the Streets for the People 2023 Program.

The work was inaugurated and delivered to the community by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, in a festive atmosphere where the community celebrated with piñatas, philharmonic music, cultural presentations and a medical conference.

“We are reaching 243 new streets this year, progress continues in the Streets for the People Program, reaching 23 percent of the total planned for this year. Commander Daniel has directed us to build 1,027 streets and with these 3 new ones we reached 60% of the paved streets of the neighborhood”, affirmed Armas.

He also explained that this road improvement work had an investment of 2 million 70 thousand córdobas, guaranteeing better living conditions for 8 thousand 290 protagonists of this community.

"We feel grateful as inhabitants of Hugo Chávez, to see another work completed, which has been brought to us through our Good Government, here what there were were some quagmires, today we have paved streets thanks to the Mayor's Office and we have to take care of them" , said the protagonist Angel Vargas.

With this work, progress is made in the plans of District VI, where 405 million 209 thousand 854 córdobas will be invested, through 49 infrastructure projects in the neighborhoods: Waspán Norte, Carlos Marx, Reparto Segovia, Oswaldo Manzanares, José Dolores Estrada, Gertrudis Arias, Villa Reconciliation, Miguel Gutiérrez, Camilo Chamorro, Germán Pomares, Jorge Casally, La Primavera, December 31 and El Rodeíto.

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