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Barrio Carlos Marx 2 will have more paved streets

Noting the work being carried out for the good of the community, municipal authorities visited the progress of the 3-block asphalt coating project in the Carlos Marx 2 neighborhood, located in District VI of Managua.

This supervision was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who informed that the road improvement work is part of the Streets for the People Program and will benefit 4,076 protagonists, with an investment of 1 million 512 thousand córdobas, which will guarantee well-being and future to 753 families in this sector.

"With this, we have reached 240 streets worked so far this year, we have an advance of 23.49 percent in the Streets for the People Program, but it is also important to point out that in this area we are going to invest a considerable amount soon, more of 20 road, water, and sanitation improvement projects,” Armas said.

Similarly, he stressed that this neighborhood already has 70 percent of its paved streets and a special plan will be developed in the coming weeks, which will add more blocks to the capital.

The municipality with the Annual Investment Plan in District VI, will benefit the neighborhoods Villa Reconciliación Norte and Sur, Camilo Chamorro, Colonia Miguel Gutiérrez, José Dolores Estrada, La Primavera,

Waspán Norte, El Rodeito, Ciudad Belén, December 31, Carlos Marx, Reparto Segovia and Carlos Núñez.

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