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Families take advantage of supplies and discounts on summer season products

Variety of products for the summer season and influx of buyers was observed on the morning of this April 5 in the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, during a visit made by the capital authorities.

This tour was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who together with the Merchants Association confirmed the supply, offers and discounts on all products.

"We are on our usual tour of the different capital markets, today Holy Wednesday we have noticed a large crowd of buyers, dynamism, activity, mainly the brothers and sisters who are making purchases related to these summer vacations, Easter, we see a dynamism special and of course it is the same economic movement that occurs in the different markets of the capital”, affirmed Armas.

For their part, the merchants invited Nicaraguan families to visit the 8 shopping centers in the capital.

"We have good solidarity prices, from 200, 300, 400 córdobas, depending on the size and measurements of the pools, we will be there very early and we hope that they come to visit us," said merchant Nancy García.

María Carballo, a fruit and vegetable merchant, also called for them to visit them, "we are offering bananas, jocotes, tomatoes, onions, chiltomas, all at affordable prices for people to buy, here we give avocados and fruits cheap, thank you to God the sales have been good”.

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