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Residents of the Colonia Nicarao open 4 blocks

Security, well-being and the future, is what the Good Government through the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power delivered this Wednesday, April 5 to the families of the Colonia Nicarao of District V, with the road improvement of 4 blocks of asphalt resurfacing, as part of of the 2023 Annual Investment Plan.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that these streets had already completed their useful life and it was time to carry out the road improvement work.

"We are restoring the right to 517 families, more than 36 thousand sisters and brothers protagonists of this area, we are delivering 4 completely renovated, new streets, an investment of 2 million 100 thousand córdobas was made here, we are advancing," confirmed Rueda.

The capital official stressed that the Streets for the People Program has a 21.9 percent, which means a total of 225 blocks served in the first months of the year.

Happy, the leading families expressed their gratitude to the municipal authorities for this work, which brings a lot of security to the population, as well as to the carriers.

“There were many accidents involving adults who walked and stumbled, fell, and in the winter it was a quagmire here and it really was a good deed that our government did and we are satisfied, now we have the commitment to take care of these streets, keep them clean and pay attention to not to damage them, because this work was already necessary”, said the resident Silvia Morales.

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