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Community of the Villa Libertad Annex will soon enjoy new streets

On the morning of this Friday, March 31, the municipal authorities carried out a supervision visit to the road improvement project with asphalt mix, which is being carried out in the Anexo Villa Libertad neighborhood, Cuerpo de Cristo sector, located in District VII.

This new work has an investment of 5 million 441 thousand 700 córdobas and turns 14 thousand 227 inhabitants into protagonists, as announced by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, during this tour.

"Anexo Villa Libertad is one of the three largest neighborhoods in this district, this gives all of you sisters and brothers an idea of how important these five new streets are to become for all the residents of the sector," said Armas.

Also, the official highlighted that, with this new project, the Streets for the People Program reaches 214 blocks served, during the quarter of this year, which means a 20.9 percent advance.

Martha Olivares, a resident of this sector, thanked the Good Government and the municipal authorities for this project that brings well-being to all families, especially in the winter season.

“Happy because this is one more step forward for our neighborhood, this year the neighborhood celebrates 33 years of being founded and we were always fighting because unfortunately with the rains the houses would flood, the streets looked like riverbeds, you couldn't get around, if there was a sick, the ambulances did not enter, now we are happy, because this benefits the entire community,” said Olivares.

For this year the Mayor's Office of Managua, through the Streets for the People Program, will build 37 new blocks in 5 neighborhoods of this VII district, with an investment of more than 28 million córdobas.

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