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Georgino Andrade neighborhood has 8 paved blocks

The Streets for the People 2023 Program continues to provide better living conditions for families in the capital, with the paving of 8 blocks that were on the ground, in the Georgino Andrade neighborhood of District VII.

The road improvement work was inaugurated by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who reiterated that the commitment of the Good Government is to comply with the families in the different neighborhoods.

"There are 5 million 770 thousand 440 córdobas and we are serving 10 thousand 540 leading brothers, that means 1,200 families and we are advancing," shared Rueda.

Likewise, he explained that in the last 13 years in the Georgino Andrade neighborhood, the municipality has invested 23 million 253 thousand córdobas in the execution of 18 road improvement projects, storm drainage, construction and rehabilitation of parks, as well as the construction of 16 houses worthy.

He also announced that to date the Streets for the People Program has progressed by 20.9 percent, with 214 blocks served, out of the 1,047 planned to serve this year.

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