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Commemorative concert 92 years after the 1931 earthquake

In homage to the 92-year-old victims of the 1931 earthquake, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua in conjunction with the Directorate of Historical Heritage, organized a concert with the musical group Otto de la Rocha, made up of young people from the Manuel Fernández neighborhood.

The commemoration was held in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park, which was accompanied by an exhibition of historical photographs by Ramón H. Prado, reported the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

“We have dozens of images of the damage caused by the 1931 earthquake, remember that at that time the buildings were made of adobe, of taquezal, simple, very rustic constructions, we had thousands of deaths, the construction system of 31 was improved a little to 72, but they also continued to build with adobe and that is why we had so many human losses in both earthquakes, now due to the guidance of Commander Daniel, the Environment and Urbanism Department is quite strict and construction systems are required that are not going to give us situations similar in case of very strong tremors,” said Armas.

Clemente Guido, Director of Historical Heritage of the municipality, shared that at the same time it is a tribute to the Nicaraguan photographer Ramón H. Prado (RIP) and his son, "today also marks one year since Karol H. Prado passed away, so also a tribute to these citizens of Managua, who in their lives collect photographs, historical events, through documents and then put them at the service of the community.

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