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Municipality reinforces teams for cleaning the city

Strengthening actions for the care of the environment, the Managua Mayor's Office, through the Environment Department, acquired 100 mobile containers, with a storage capacity of half a cubic meter, which will be used to reinforce the cleanliness of the city, keep it clean It is everyone's commitment.

These garbage containers were delivered by the Mayor, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, to the 7 district delegations, to the Japón-Nicaragua park, the Department of Decoration, Public Cleaning and other areas of the municipality.

"There are 100 teams in total and it is the second delivery that we make in this period and we really have a commitment as the Mayor of Managua and we thank all the families that have joined each of these efforts, to keep our municipality clean", Rueda said.

Also, part of the equipment will be destined to the tourist areas and main roads of the city, through which an innovative system of classification and recovery of recyclable material will be implemented, from the source or origin.


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