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Barrio Oscar Turcios will have more than 6 covered blocks

Bringing well-being to families in the capital is the objective of Good Government, through the municipality that is executing a road improvement project in the Oscar Turcios neighborhood of District I.

This work has an investment of 3 million 981 thousand 600 córdobas and is part of the emblematic Streets for the People Program, reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during a supervision visit.

"Thanks to the families who are accompanying us today, celebrating all this well-being and security, because it is a commitment of our Good Government to attend to all the demands, here in the Oscar Turcios neighborhood today we are delivering 6 and a half blocks , totally new, and with this we finished serving all its streets, so we are very happy, ”shared Rueda.

Likewise, he announced that this program to date has an advance of 18.53 percent, of the 1,027 blocks that will be attended to this year, "we have a schedule of different projects such as storm drainage, road improvement, mitigation works where we are attending counties such as Los Membreños, San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, the 4 stages of Hialeah, Jonathan González and others that we are attending, for this District I we have 33 projects, with an investment of 43.3 million córdobas”.

The families affirmed that their streets were channels in the winter season, but with the road improvement and storm drainage works that have been carried out, they already live more calm and safe.

 "Here it was impassable, even the taxi drivers did not like to enter, worse when it rained, the houses flooded and it was a disaster, but thank God and this government that the project was finally carried out," said resident Anielka Ortiz.

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