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First Master Swimming Competition

From the Michele Richardson Pool Complex, more than 60 athletes participated in the National Masters Swimming Championship, organized by the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua, on the afternoon of Sunday, March 26.

The competition was divided into 10 categories, said Noel González, Director of Sports of the municipality, "it is the first master competition of the year, where athletes over 25 years of age have been present, we will be rewarding the first three places of each one of the categories, I think there is no excuse to practice sport and what better than swimming”.

This sport provides numerous health benefits and can be practiced by everyone at any age, it is a very favorable exercise, highlighted the athlete Sofía López.

"It helps us grow as athletes at the national level, the tournament is quite strong, quite good teams and those who are participating are high-performance athletes, which is a pride to compete," added López.

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