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Good Government delivers site for the construction of Soccer Stadium

As a well-deserved recognition to the teacher Miguel Buitrago Sarria, legendary Nicaraguan soccer player and glory of the national sport, the building authorities made the official delivery of the place, where the new Soccer Stadium of the Dignidad Nacional Sports Complex will be built, which will bear his name Miguel " Chocorrón” Buitrago.

During this visit, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, General Secretary of the municipality, announced that in the next 3 weeks construction work will begin on the new stadium, although work has already been done to clear the area, which will be located inside of the National Dignity Complex.

"A sports facility of more than 70,000 square meters, which will have 5 baseball fields, the Miguel "Chocorrón" Buitrago stadium, the Nicaraguan Sports Hall of Fame and the Nicaraguan Sports Museum, which will be attached to the Plaza de la National Dignity, definitely our government at the forefront of the promotion of Nicaraguan sports, in all sports disciplines,” Moreno said.

For his part, Nicaraguan soccer legend Miguel "Chocorrón" Buitrago expressed his gratitude to the Good Government for giving his name to the new soccer field.

"I hope that youth know how to take advantage of these facilities, not only this one, but many others that currently exist, since many of us did not have that opportunity and it is not that I am envious, but rather it makes me happy that youth can take advantage of these facilities" Buitrago said.

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