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Streets for the People executes the Special Resurfacing Plan

A supervision visit, in the progress of the Streets for the People Program, was carried out by municipal authorities, on the morning of this Wednesday, March 22, in the Linda Vista residential area of District II, where the Special Plan for resurfacing 3 blocks is being carried out, which They have an investment of One million 50 thousand córdobas.

During the follow-up to the streets program, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales shared that, within a period of 90 days, the municipality will execute this Special Street Plan for the People, which will serve the most demanded roads in the neighborhoods, with the modalities coating and resurfacing.

"We are going to serve 145.5 blocks, to work specifically on the coating of 114.5 streets that are dirt and that we are going to pave, also on 31 streets that are affected and that we are going to resurface in our Managua," Armas said.

Likewise, he affirmed that this emblematic program to date is 14.72 percent advanced, with 150 streets served, out of the 1,027 projected for this year, "so that progress continues, the work continues and Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario continue to guide the capital's municipality, to continue serving the streets of Managua, so that we have better circulation, safer neighborhoods and mainly so that they have better communication and vehicles are not damaged.

The families of the sector classified the work as very good, because they will no longer suffer from the poor condition of the streets, "With the holes the vehicles are damaged and when it is raining it is worse, now it is fine, because we will have greater security," said Mr. Paulino Garcia.

In the coming months, the commune through the Streets for the People Program, in its first stage, will reach the neighborhoods of Santa Ana, Anexo Las Brisas, Linda Vista Norte, Las Palmas, Batahola Norte and Sur, Monseñor Lezcano and Cuba.

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