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Athletics Academy celebrates its second anniversary

With a morning full of competitions, the Mayor's Office of Managua celebrated the second anniversary of the Athletics Academy, an event in which more than 150 sprinters participated who competed in the 100, 150, 200 and 300 meter dashes, in the U12, U13 categories. , U14, U15 and U16, on Saturday March 18 on the IND track

The 40 runners that make up the Athletics Academy, faced more than 100 runners from the different districts of the capital, who were invited by the municipality to the friendly day.

The athletics instructor Josué Valerio, stated that, two years after starting to prepare young people and children who like this discipline, the achievements are great.

"Since the academy opened, in such a short time, in two years we have made the grade, we have been attracting many young people and children who to this day have stood out with victories in departmental, national and even Central American championships," Valerio commented.

Also, he highlighted that the runners have been constant and in the two training shifts that the academy has there is good attendance, "guaranteeing access to sport is already paying off, children and young people who are interested in practicing a sport today have opportunities and conditions that they did not have before, I think that in athletics they discover their capacities and physical qualities that they get to enhance if they are interested in training ”.

The 9-year-old Rose Martínez girl, currently in the fourth grade of primary school at the Sacred Heart of Jesus School, is originally from District II and for her running is a very beautiful and fun experience, in addition to allowing her to create a discipline to grow healthy.

“I like athletics because I feel like I can run, it's fun running, I feel very excited. I tell other children to play sports to build strength. I invite all the children to come to the IND and have fun”, said Martínez.

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