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Athletes from the Judo Academy take the Grade Exam

Children and young people from the Judo Academy of the municipality, took their Grade Exam, to promote the belt and evaluate their level of learning.

Professional growth, the increase in their techniques and skills, is undoubtedly a clear benchmark for the development of sports in Nicaragua, as well as in international competitions.

The activity was presided over by the Vice Mayor, Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that these children take the grade exam to move up a grade, "to try to go from white belt to yellow belt and so on, these children who have been practicing for months and who They are ascending in that same discipline, they are going to go up in grade and opt for positions, in the national teams of this beautiful sport, such as Judo ”.

On the other hand, the President of the Nicaraguan Judo Federation, Juana María Avellán, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Good Government for the support and promotion of this sport discipline.

"We have managed to have athletes in the Olympic Games, last year, we also have school games this year, at the Central American level we are going to have fighting games including Judo, which will be here in Nicaragua, Judo has grown and this year we inaugurated the school project in 6 schools in the country”, affirmed Avellán.

This is one of the activities carried out by the Good Government in support and promotion of sports, one of the main axes that it has promoted since 2007 and in response to this orientation, the Mayor's Office of Managua currently has 13 academies of different sports disciplines and with more than 30 sports schools, in the 7 districts of Managua, where more than 2,400 children, youth and adolescents are involved.

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