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Two families affected by a fire receive their new homes

Complying with the Citizen Power model, the Managua Mayor's Office in coordination with the organized community guaranteed immediate and timely attention to two families who lost their homes due to a fire that occurred on February 19, in the Mexico neighborhood of District I, whose houses were rebuilt through the Decent Housing Program.

These homes were inaugurated by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who stated that, thanks to the immediate response, the organization, and the model of direct care for the family, today their completely new homes are being delivered.

"We cannot stop being moved, where families thank God, our President, our Vice President, Compañera Rosario for bringing that well-being, that security, through these projects, the total construction of their homes, it was two sisters who they lost everything in that fire, but here the most important thing is to preserve life,” said Rueda.

The protagonist Isabel del Socorro, is a nurse and works at the La Mascota hospital, her husband and son worked in a carpentry workshop, located in the same house where 4 adults and 2 children lived. His sister Mayra del Carmen Chávez Acuña had a grocery store, her husband works as a security guard, and 4 adults lived in their home.

"First of all, I thank God for giving us all his support, our President, the Mayor's Office, the community, because they were present from the very beginning," said Doña Isabel.

For her part, the protagonist Mayra del Carmen, expressed her happiness for having her new home, "a wonderful gift, thanks to our government, we are very grateful, there are no words."

In the municipality of Managua, the Sandinista Government has built 13,000 solidarity homes, from 2009 to date, guaranteeing immediate and timely attention to families in critical social emergency.

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