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Miguel "Chocorrón" Buitrago receives the distinction of Beloved Son of Managua

From the Olof Palme Convention Center, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua made the afternoon of this Wednesday, March 15, the Declaration of Beloved Son of the city of Managua, to the Glory of National Soccer, Miguel Buitrago Sarria, "Chocorrón" Buitrago, in recognition of his life dedicated to sports and for his participation in the Senior National Soccer Team.

Miguel "Chocorrón" Buitrago, is a Member of the Nicaraguan Sports Hall of Fame in the class of 1995, from a very young age he stood out mainly in soccer, the first of five disciplines in which he had a notorious participation, as well as in Baseball , Softball, Athletics and Billiards, which makes it a creditor of such a high distinction, the capital authorities affirmed.

"Only with our Good Government led by our Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario, dreams have come true and on the subject of sport there is unconditional support and for us it is an honor to give this recognition as a Beloved Son of Managua to Mr. Miguel, who is an example for future generations and shows that you can be a good athlete and a good professional,” said Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“Chocorrón Buitrago”, was born in Managua on April 7, 1941, he is 82 years old, he was a member of the National Soccer Team in the 1960s and 1970s, as a forward he achieved 6 national championship titles with the teams La Nica, Santa Cecilia and the UCA. He participated in the historic soccer game, where Nicaragua achieved victory against the Argentine champion professional team Estudiantes de la Plata in 1966. He was also shortlisted in baseball in 1969 and Central American softball medalist in the 1970s.

Likewise, he received offers to play Professional Soccer from prestigious Central American teams, but he never accepted for prioritizing his studies, crowning his career with a degree in Public Accounting.

“For me it is an honor to receive this distinction as the Beloved Son of Managua, for me, my family, and for my friends it is a source of pride. I want to thank Commander Daniel for this distinction," said the prominent Nicaraguan athlete, Miguel "Chocorrón" Buitrago.

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