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Families from the Los Cuarezma and Las Colinas region celebrate 12 paved blocks

The Streets for the People 2023 Program is advancing at a good pace and continues to improve the living conditions of Nicaraguan families, with the paving of 12 blocks of important vehicular access in the Los Cuarezma region and the northwestern sector of Las Colinas, in District V of Managua .

The work was delivered by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who stated that the Good Government continues to restore the rights of families to travel through dignified and safe streets.

"And that is what has been proposed in all these years, little by little to meet the demands of the neighborhoods and communities and today in this sector we are delivering 12 new blocks, a dream come true, as expressed by the residents and it is a commitment that we have as a municipality, through our Annual Investment Plan”, highlighted Rueda.

Likewise, he added that with this work they celebrate the attention of more than 2 thousand protagonists of this community, which had an investment of a little more than 6 million 300 thousand córdobas.

The residents were happy with the work of progress, "a great work of the government, which has been concerned with improving the conditions for the mobilization of the residents who used these roads, which were on land and in poor condition," said the protagonist Arturo Roa.

Mrs. Gloria Ríos also expressed her happiness, because after so many years it is the first time that they have this inauguration, "this beautiful road, which comes to benefit all the inhabitants, only our Good Government could do this, we also thank our Mayor's office that is always watching over the people.

To date, the Streets for the People Program has progressed by 14 percent, with 135 improved blocks, out of the 1,047 blocks planned to be served this year.

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