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Cleaning of the Cuajachillo channel in District III advances

As part of the Winter 2023 Plan, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua has been working for two weeks to clean up the Cuajachillo channel in the Altagracia neighborhood sector, located in District III of the capital.

The commune has programmed, in this channel of Cuajachillo, to evacuate 90 tons of garbage in the next 15 days, to facilitate greater drainage that will help families in this area during the rainy season, reported Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during a tour supervision.

“We are in an intense journey that will last fifteen days, the compañeros have been working hard for just over a week and will continue all these days until this channel is cleared, as part of the Winter Plan that Commander Daniel and Compañera have directed. Rosario, through the municipality, this forces us to make an investment of more than 800 million córdobas, but it is necessary for the drainage of the city, to avoid flooding”, said Armas.

For this Winter 2023 Plan, which is divided into 4 components, the evacuation of 794 tons of garbage and sediment is contemplated, with an investment of 60 million 763 thousand 946 córdobas in cleaning the city's drainage; in addition to 20 million córdobas for environmental awareness and more than 753 million córdobas in drainage infrastructure works.

The storm drainage cleaning component, which is essential to guarantee the proper functioning of this system, through the evacuation of garbage and sediment, which prevents the correct hydraulic discharge in the 114 kilometers of gutters and drainage pipes of the city, more than 72 kilometers of lined channels, 34 kilometers of non-lined channels, 23 micro-dams and 17,224 inlets.

As well as the second component that includes storm drainage infrastructure works, which contribute to reducing and eliminating critical points due to flooding, by lining 200 linear meters of channel, building 2 additional micro-dams to the 23 existing ones, construction of 591 linear meters of gutters, installation of 3 thousand linear meters of pipes, construction of 2 tunnel boxes and mitigation works, in addition to the 2 components that cover environmental awareness and community organization.

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