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Comprehensive Care Work List in the Sócrates Sandino neighborhood

In the Sócrates Sandino neighborhood, a drainage and road improvement project was inaugurated, which significantly improves the living conditions of 5,382 inhabitants of this community.

The delivery was made by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who announced that it is a comprehensive development work, because it includes a road improvement project, a sanitary sewer system and a storm drainage project, with which a channel is sealed, over which a street was built.

“A project that required an investment of more than 10 million córdobas and was guided by Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario, with this work we are uniting the Sócrates Sandino neighborhood, with the 30 de Mayo neighborhood of District V and contemplated the paving 5 blocks, sanitary sewerage, storm drainage and a bridge box, it is a work that completely beautifies the neighborhood and we ended up with a garbage dump”, Armas highlighted.

For their part, the population expressed their gratitude, because it constituted a great change in this community, "here where I am standing was a channel, this was truly horrible, where they came to throw garbage," said Mrs. María Lastenia Castro.

In the same way, the protagonist Walter Benavidez stated, "there was no vehicular access and here it was a large garbage dump and that affected the environment."

The Vice Mayor of Managua also recalled that in this community the Sandinista Government has invested more than 18 million córdobas, in this inaugurated work, in the construction of 5 decent houses, 4 blocks with hydraulic concrete in 2013, improvement of streets of land and the resurfacing of 6 blocks in the year 2021.

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