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Decent Housing Program reaches the family of Villa Reconciliación Norte

As an immediate response to families living in vulnerable situations, the Managua Mayor's Office, through the Dignified Housing Program, built an emergency new home for the protagonist Adelfina Parrilla Rocha, in the Villa Reconciliación Norte neighborhood of District VI.

During the delivery, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado explained to the community that the program has built 22 houses in this neighborhood, which has more than 22,000 inhabitants.

"This is the commitment that our Good Government has, to continue transforming the lives of families, prioritizing those who live in vulnerability, Doña Adelfina's house was about to collapse, we sincerely appreciate the trust that has allowed us to enter her home and care for them," said Rueda.

The protagonist is 55 years old, she and her two daughters work washing and ironing to support 5 children.

“My house was deteriorated, the zinc sheets were no longer useful to me, with the winter the whole house would get wet and right now with the winds my 5 grandchildren were nervous, because we had stones to stop the roof and the house could fall on top of us, but Today we are going to sleep happy because thanks to God, my President and Compañera Rosario we are going to sleep safe and happy,” Parrilla said.

Rueda, shared with the inhabitants that the Municipality has invested 45.5 million córdobas in Villa Reconciliación, in road network and storm drainage works, in the last decade and this year it will carry out 24 projects in District VI, investing 41 million córdobas, through the Annual Investment Plan.

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