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200 families receive with great joy their Urbanized Lot in Villa Esperanza

Once again, the Municipality, through the Bismarck Martínez Program, turned dreams into reality for 200 families who are protagonists of rights, who now have land to build their own home in the Villa Esperanza urbanization, located in District VI.

The act was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who stressed that this delivery is the result of the effort carried out by the Good Government, to guarantee the well-being of Nicaraguan families.

"We feel very happy, how the families express their gratitude first to God and it is a great effort that our Good Government makes, so that these dreams become a reality, of having access to a lot, to a house, the housing solutions that families have been suing for years,” said Rueda.

The mayor of the capital mentioned that they will continue to deliver, "a total of 4,500 lots only here in Villa Esperanza, today with these 200 that we are delivering, there are already 2,000 lots delivered to families and the commitment is to continue delivering lots and homes , because we have delivered 3 thousand 300 houses”.

He also pointed out that in the coming years progress will be made in the construction of different public infrastructures, in Villa Esperanza the main entrances are already enabled, the lots already have drinking water, electricity, "here we are going to have a market, a terminal of buses, a child development center, parks, we are going to advance little by little”.

For their part, the protagonists expressed their gratitude for the efforts made by the Good Government, as expressed by Mr. José Luis Rodríguez, “happy, because I have been renting for 30 years and I had not had the opportunity to acquire my own land, where I can live And now with this delivery, I feel happy, because I will be able to come and live here with my whole family”.

In the same way, Mrs. Ivania Esther Berríos, who said she felt grateful to God and that it is a privilege that there are people directed by him, so that citizens are enjoying these benefits, manifested.

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