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Families from the San Antonio Sur region have 7 new blocks

This week the Streets for the People 2023 Program reached 102 blocks served, with the 7 blocks paved in the San Antonio Sur region, guaranteeing better living conditions for the families of this community of District V of Managua.

The work for the common good was inaugurated by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who announced that this road improvement had an investment of 4,392,850 córdobas, benefiting 1,286 families (9,000 protagonists).

“Here in San Antonio Sur, this area has benefited from many projects, by the government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, this region has changed for the better in recent years, not only have these seven streets been built, we are talking of 27 new streets in recent years, investments of more than 25 million córdobas in the last 13 years, with road improvement works, sanitary drainage, sidewalks, and which are now benefiting from the Streets for the People Program,” Armas said.

In the same way, he highlighted that work will continue very intensely in the Streets for the People Program, to attend 108 road improvement projects, with 880 new blocks in the 7 districts, which will have an investment of 2 thousand 331 million 949 thousand 333 cordobas.

The emblematic program includes the asphalt coating modality, through which it is expected to serve 781 blocks with 105 projects in different neighborhoods of Managua. Through the hydraulic concrete modality, 3 projects will be executed that will improve the conditions of 99 new blocks.

For this year the PIA 2023 Annual Investment Plan of District V will execute 20 projects for the common good, with an investment of 40 million córdobas; directly benefiting the families of the neighborhoods Germán Pomares, 30 de Mayo, Enrique Lorente, Walter Ferreti, Blanca Segovia, United Nations, Santo Domingo, Pantasma, Giorginito, Colonia Centroamérica, as well as the regions of San Antonio Sur, Las Jagüitas and Esquipulas.

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