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Discounts from 10 to 50 percent in the capital markets

The merchants who work in the markets of Managua are ready and prepared to offer a range of options for the celebration of International Women's Day and the summer season, this was reported during the visit made by the Oriental market, the morning of This Friday, February 24.

Freddy Casco, General Director of the Managua Municipal Market Corporation (COMMEMA) and the Merchants Association of this populous market, shared that they will have summer offers with a wide variety of discounts that can go up to 50 percent if you buy in bulk. .

"We are ready with a plan of activities, promotions and sales, so that our people can go to the markets, we will have discounts of up to 50 percent, so that we can buy the Women's Day gift and all the accessories of the season summer," Casco said.

This season, merchants have good sales projections, as announced by Jorge Luis González, President of the Nicaraguan Merchants Association.

"Prepared for March 8, we have the shelves full to guarantee a gift to the mother, wife, sister, on that special day, we also have all the summer products, we will have two and a half months of movement and we project sell about 700 million córdobas,” said González.

María Alejandra Boya, in addition to being young, is the owner of her own business, for her the success of undertaking is to believe in oneself.

"Here in our store we sell wholesale, with prices starting at 165 córdobas, we have everything, for all tastes, ideal for those who want to start something of their own, don't think about it, you have to take risks today, to succeed tomorrow," Boya said.

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