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Managua drainage cleaning work continues

For three weeks, the Municipality has been carrying out cleaning work in the riverbeds, micro-dams and inlets of the capital, as reported by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado during a supervision visit, on the morning of Thursday, February 23, at the Las Colinas del 18 de Mayo neighborhood, where he presented the progress of the Winter Plan 2023.

In this tour of the cleaning of the major and minor drainage of the city, the capital official announced that there is progress of 16 percent, in compliance with the plan and more than 800 tons of garbage and sediment have been evacuated, up to the date.

"Advancing little by little in the cleaning of all our drainage, in this case the objective is the cleaning of the 23 micro-dams, we are already advancing in the one in Santo Domingo and the one in Villa Fontana, today we are in the one in Las Colinas, in the We plan to evacuate 23 micro-dams of more than 82,000 cubic meters of sediment and garbage,” said Rueda.

In the same way, he called on the population to put the garbage in its place, "let's not throw the garbage in our storm drain, because both the major and the minor drainage have serious problems when the gutters, the gutters, the manjoles are clogged Only in gutters we have 114 kilometers that we are going to be cleaning in this Winter Plan”.

He also added that they will be working on cleaning the 72 kilometers of lined channels and the 34 kilometers of non-lined channels and more than 17,000 inlets.

For this year, the commune will invest more than 60 million córdobas to clean all the drainage and more than 700 million córdobas in the execution of mitigation works, to eliminate critical points due to flooding, such as the construction of micro-dams, the coating of 200 linear meters of channels, among others.


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