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Opening of the new House of Culture and Creativity "Alejandro Cuadra"

On the afternoon of this Monday, February 20, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, inaugurated the fourth House of Culture and Creativity, in homage to Maestro Alejandro Cuadra, on his 73rd birthday.

Maestro Cuadra was the director and founder of the Macehuatl folkloric ballet and the national folkloric ballet formed in 1988, said Professor Elving Vanegas Obando, who will be in charge of the General Directorate of the artistic courses that will be taught in this House of Culture and Creativity.

“Since 2014 we were working to create a house specialized in dance, but these dreams multiplied, because this is the fourth house that we are inaugurating, the first was the Lolita Soriano museum, then the Otto de la Rocha House, the week past the House of the great master Camilo Zapata and others will come, to offer and restore that right to culture for young people, children and the elderly, because zumba and Latin rhythms will be included”, added Vanegas.

This inauguration was attended by the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who informed that as of today the Alejandro Cuadra House of Culture and Creativity begins its functions, "we are going to have ballet, zumba, contemporary dance classes, in charge of outstanding teachers of our dance national," said Armas.

He added that, among the teachers who will teach the classes are: in ballet the teacher Walter Jaenz, contemporary dance by the teacher Ronaldo Ortega, folklore taught by the teacher David Urbina and the courses of Latin rhythms, aerobics and zumba, by the teacher Joshua Miranda.

Theoretical and practical classes of the different branches of dance will be offered, facilitating their initiation in learning dance for boys and girls, from 9 years of age, adolescents, youth and adults.

The requirements for children are to present the birth certificate and ID of the parent or guardian, for adolescents only with their ID, the location is where the Cabrera Cinema was, 2 ½ blocks to the south.

All the courses are completely free and inclusive, aimed at the entire population and the House of Culture and Creativity has the capacity to serve 150 protagonists from Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning to 8 at night and on Saturdays from 9 morning to 12 noon.

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