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Capital markets stocked with seasonal products

In their usual weekly tour, authorities from the capital visited the Iván Montenegro market this Friday, February 17, to verify the supply and prices of the products, as well as the execution of programs and projects.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado reported that the merchants, in addition to being supplied, are organized to ensure sales with promotions and discounts on all seasonal products.

"There are always permanent promotions in each of the markets, direct communication allows us to realize the demands, what needs to be improved, what we can make progress on, but above all to make it known that the products are at good prices here and the progress that We are carrying out infrastructure this year, improving living conditions”, said Rueda.

Also, he announced that soon in this market Iván Montenegro will deliver a completely renovated shed to merchants in the Las Cuajaditas sector, where attention will be provided to 21 merchants, with an investment of more than 2 million córdobas.

These discounts and promotions are present in clothing, sandals, swimming pools and accessories for the beach, as well as in fruits, vegetables and food in the basic basket, the merchants confirmed.

"Offering the best prices in footwear and bookstores, here we accommodate customers, we give them discounts and we serve them as they deserve, we have backpacks at 480 córdobas, 330 and 350 córdobas," said the merchant Martha Cecilia López.

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