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Seven streets of the Tierra Prometida neighborhood receive asphalt coating

The Good Government, through the Municipality, continues to bring satisfaction and improvements to families in the capital, this time with the construction of 7 blocks of streets, using asphalt coating in the Tierra Prometida neighborhood, located in District III of Managua.

The road improvement work was carried out through the Streets for the People Program and benefits 6,430 inhabitants, with an investment of 4 million 732 thousand 197 córdobas, which guarantees the well-being and future of 1,169 families in this community, who will no longer have difficulties with the changes in the climate, in the summer due to dust clouds and in winter due to runoff, shared the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during the inauguration ceremony.

"They are part of a large number of works that the Municipality has been doing in this area, from 2009 to date more than 21 million córdobas have been invested here, intense work was done on the stabilization of the channel and now with these new streets We reached 95 new streets this year in the successful Streets for the People Program, we can now speak of 10.88 percent progress and we continue under the guidance of Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario, working hard,” Armas said.

Also, 17 Decent Homes have been built in this sector, in restitution of rights to families who live at risk of vulnerability.

Today the families are prosperous, thanks to the new streets, stated the protagonist Miguel Espinoza, "these streets come to benefit the entire Promised Land neighborhood, this is a dream of many years that the residents had and today it comes true, Thanks to the political will of this Good Government and the good administration of the Managua Mayor's Office, we are happy, celebrating”.

Mrs. Georgina Martínez, said that now it is a pleasure to walk through the sector, "these streets were pure mud, pure holes, pure stones, I hated coming here, now I wanted to come and look at all these very pretty, very elegant streets."

For this year, the Municipality will invest with the Annual Investment Plan in District III, 31 million córdobas in more than 15 neighborhoods of this district, among them the neighborhoods La Esperanza, Herlinda López, Marvin Marín, Carlos Fonseca, El Jobo, Sierra Maestra, Arges Sequeira, San Judas, Solidaridad, Jorge Casally and Camilo Ortega.

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