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The Winter Plan advances in the capital

As part of the Winter 2023 Plan, the Municipality began cleaning the channel on December 31, in District VI of Managua, where the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado announced that the cleaning of the major and minor drainage has a global advance of 14 percent. hundred.

Likewise, he explained that in the execution of the Winter 2023 Plan, 833 million córdobas will be invested, to develop the 4 essential components of this plan, such as storm drainage cleaning, infrastructure works, environmental awareness and community organization; that contribute to guarantee the security and well-being of families in the capital, who live in vulnerable areas.

This plan contemplates the evacuation of 794 tons of garbage and sediment, with an investment of 60 million 763 thousand 946 córdobas in cleaning the city's drainage; in addition to 20 million córdobas for environmental awareness and more than 753 million córdobas in drainage infrastructure works.

He also shared that the storm drainage cleaning component is essential to guarantee the proper functioning of this system, through the evacuation of garbage and sediment, which prevents the correct hydraulic discharge in the 114 kilometers of gutters and pipelines of the drainage of the city, more than 72 kilometers of lined channels, 34 kilometers of non-lined channels, 23 micro-dams and 17,224 inlets.

 The second component of this plan is the storm drainage infrastructure works, through which mitigation works will be carried out that contribute to reducing and eliminating critical points due to flooding, through the lining of 200 linear meters of riverbed, the construction of 2 additional microdams to the 23 existing ones, the construction of 591 linear meters of gutters, the installation of 3 thousand linear meters of pipes, the construction of 2 tunnel boxes and mitigation works.

The other 2 components are Environmental Awareness and community organization, which aims to develop activities and strategies to reduce and update critical points and reduce vulnerability in families in the capital.


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