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Families celebrate 15 new blocks in the Memorial Sandino neighborhood

For the second consecutive year, the "Streets for the People Program" benefited the families of the Memorial Sandino neighborhood in District I on the afternoon of this Wednesday, February 15, with the construction of 15 totally new blocks, making them protagonists of the right to 982 families (9 thousand 912 inhabitants).

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who explained that this work is part of one of the most important of the year and that from today families will be enjoying 15 new streets with an investment of 10 million córdobas.

“Today we are delivering 15 new streets to the families of this sector, this area of the Sandino Memorial was very difficult to access and all these years our Commander Daniel has been doing a great job, we still need some streets, but little by little we have has been changing for the safety and tranquility of our families,” Armas pointed out.

In less than two years, the Streets for the People Program has built 26 new streets in this sector. Last year, 11 blocks were built in this same neighborhood, two dozen new streets thanks to the goodwill of the Sandinista government, said the capital official. .

For his part, the protagonist William José Laguna, expressed his gratitude to God and the good will of the Government and the Mayor's Office, for these new streets with which they will now be able to circulate better, after 20 years.

"Thank God and our Government, today we are opening streets, here it was terrible, these streets were ugly, all this was like a channel, in winter times this was heavy, sometimes we even put stones to cross the street," Laguna added. .

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