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Calles para el Pueblo begins covering 7 new blocks in the San Antonio Sur region

This week Calles para el Pueblo began the asphalt coating of 7 new blocks in the San Antonio Sur region of District V, once the project is completed the road can be used as an alternative route, to avoid heavy road traffic to Masaya in peak hours.

The Mayor, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, explained to the protagonists of the community the benefits of the project, during a visit made to assess the progress of the works.

"They are projects of love, no government had attended to the regions as our Good Government is doing, there are 7 blocks of asphalt coating, with an investment of 4 million 392 thousand córdobas, serving more than 9 thousand brothers and sisters," said Rueda. .

Also, the mayor of the capital informed the residents that, once the work is completed, it will be a road corridor.

"We continue to meet the demand of this sector, they are streets that were on the ground, with this project the Streets for the People Program reaches an advance of 10.88 percent with 95 blocks served, every year we assign budgets to each of the counties, This District is large, it has several regions and for many years they were unattended, there was no connection between the urban area and the rural area, now they are connected by this road corridor”, said the official.

For this year the Municipality in District V will invest 40 million cordobas in 20 projects and Streets for the People will build 53 new blocks in this area of the capital, investing 29 million cordobas.

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