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Trade Schools open their doors and graduate more than 300 protagonists

Within the framework of the Inter-institutional Program for Comprehensive Care and Development of Adolescence and Youth for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace and in coordination with different institutions of Good Government, the Municipality launched the Trade Schools in the municipality of Managua and delivered 316 certificates to participants of the different courses.

During the launch, this Thursday, February 9, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado announced that this is the third graduation, where 700 protagonists of all ages have been trained, in 80 traditional trade courses, including: haircutting , coloring and bleaching hair, aesthetics of hands and feet, facial and body aesthetics, decoration and assembly of events.

In addition, the courses on paper and foamy crafts, creative sewing, making bags and purses, Nicaraguan cuisine, pastry, among others. These courses are developed in the different neighborhoods and communities, schools, communal houses, churches of the districts of Managua.

"This is a joy, of the advances and transformations in the lives of brothers and sisters, who have received the different courses, through the Directorate of Women, The Family, Social Programs of our Mayor's Office, this is an inter-institutional effort, This is a course that we are teaching for the integral development of all these brothers who want to undertake and our Good Government of Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario has carried out this strengthening, this empowerment of economic capacities for the homes”, he stated Wheel.

He also highlighted that these courses lasted from 6 months to 1 year, most of them on Saturdays, coordinated by Inatec and Mined.

The protagonists affirmed that, thanks to these courses, today they can already undertake from their homes.

"It was a very arduous task, where we learned a lot, we thank our Good Government for having supported us and giving us this opportunity for both young people and older people, who also want to start a business, start a new business and help our family get ahead, if God willing, soon I have my business open, my business Bendición de Dios, I offer piñatas and assembly of events”, said the protagonist Marlon José Lacayo.

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