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Award to the winners of the First Short Essay Contest

The Mayor's Office of Managua gave recognition to the new writers who participated in the First Short Essay Contest, in homage to Rubén Darío, an initiative framed in the 107 years of the transition to immortality of the Father of Modernism, the contest was organized by the Lolita Museum Soriano.

During the closing ceremony of the literary contest, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado pointed out that through this first edition of the contest, love of art and culture was promoted, as well as the promotion of reading.

"Very happy with the results of this first contest, because it allowed us to discover new talents and ingenuity in these young writers, at the same time, we are promoting the love of art and culture, the call was a success, because young people from various municipalities participated ”, said Rueda.

The contest had the participation of 7 young essayists, who through their writings described their admiration for the Prince of Castilian Letters, who in all his literary work always expressed his love for the country where he was born and for all of Latin America. .

Kevin Membreño, winner of first place in the contest, lives in District I of the capital and is part of the Leonel Rugama Movement.

"I am proud to be able to obtain this recognition for this participation, in a contest that promotes and encourages youth to continue writing about what we know and believe about Rubén Darío, as a poet, as a person and as an example of improvement," said Membreño.

Byron Parrales, who is originally from Jinotepe, also participated in the contest and was one of those who received recognition during the award ceremony.

 “Today we commemorate these 107 years of our poet's passage to immortality, remembering his cultural legacy, but above all we make his poetry our own, which has inspired us all, not only at a national level. We commemorate each of the actions that he has projected for us and we highlight that social criticism that he made in each of the moments that he lived”, expressed Parrales.

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