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Municipality presents Works of the Winter Plan 2023

With the cleaning of 40 cubic meters of garbage and the completion of the IV stage of lining the Germán Pomares channel, located in District V of Managua, capital authorities presented the morning of this Tuesday, February 7, the works to be carried out in the Plan Winter 2023.

This presentation was made by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that the plan is made up of three essential components. The first is the development of infrastructure works that improve conditions and expand the hydraulic capacities of the drainage.

The second component is the cleaning of the entire drainage system of the city, where the cleaning of the micro-dams, inlets, lined and unlined channels will be carried out.

And a third component is community organization, having active contingency plans, updating evacuation points and determining which critical points still exist and locating families at risk.

"We started two weeks ago with the cleaning of our drainage, we are in the Germán Pomares neighborhood, here we are finishing the IV stage with this work, later we will start the V and last lining of this channel, an important work, because we are eliminating a Critical point and part of the recommendations made by Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, is security, we are talking about projects of love, life, and well-being for families," said Rueda.

He also shared that this work benefits 780 families and more than 5 thousand inhabitants of this sector, who from 2009 to date have been protagonists of different projects with an investment of 44 million 375 thousand 157 córdobas.

The Municipality for this year will serve the 27 lined channels that represent 60.55 linear kilometers, 23 micro-dams, 13 thousand inlets and gutters. As well as the execution of 102 storm drainage projects with an investment of 738 million 132 thousand 558 córdobas.

Thanks to God and to the authorities of the Good Government, the families of this neighborhood of the capital gave, who stated that their children will now be able to enjoy all these benefits, "if we all do our bit, we can do it, they have listened to our requests and we are going to live with dignity”, said Mrs. Mayra Ramos Bermúdez.

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