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Residents of the Ayapal neighborhood have 6 improved blocks

One more work was inaugurated by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua in the Ayapal neighborhood of District III, which consisted of the asphalt coating of 6 blocks, executed through the Streets for the People Program.

The road improvement benefits 3,625 inhabitants and had an investment of 2 million 858 thousand 100 córdobas, which will guarantee the well-being and future of 659 families in this community, who already have better access roads and living conditions, said the Secretary of the Council from Managua, Jennifer Porras Lopez.

"From 2009 to date, complementary works have been carried out, including the Ayapal reservoir, road improvement and storm drainage, we have had the opportunity to work with families, giving change and security to all these sectors and we will continue working in this year's projects”, said Porras.

For this 2023, the Municipality will invest with the Annual Investment Plan in District III, 31 million córdobas in the construction of a vehicular bridge, road improvement, sanitary drainage, gutter lining, construction of ford and discharge, as well as construction of ramps and curbs, in more than 15 neighborhoods in this part of Managua.

The families were happy with their new streets, before they had accidents due to the poor condition of the roads, as expressed by Mrs. Laureana Torrez, "we are happy because we now have our good streets, I am no longer going to stumble on the stones and the children they will be able to play and ride their bikes.”

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