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Outstanding personalities and institutions of art and culture are awarded

In commemoration of the 107th Anniversary of the passage to immortality of the Father of Modernism "Rubén Darío", the Mayor's Office of Managua in coordination with the American University (UAM), delivered this Monday, February 6, recognitions to prominent personalities and institutions that work in the promotion , preservation of national art and culture, an event held at this alma mater.

The activity was presided over by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Dr. Félix Palacios, President of the UAM Board of Directors and the Magnificent UAM Rector, Martín Guevara Cano.

During the stimulus, Mayor Rueda expressed the importance of strengthening and rescuing art and culture, unifying the efforts of each of the institutions as an initiative of Good Government.

"We feel very honored and proud of all the heritage that the brothers and sisters who have been recognized in the promotion and strengthening of art and culture have left us," said Rueda.

Among the artists who were awarded are: Roger Pérez de la Rocha, Donaldo Aguirre, Irene López, Ronald Abud Vivas, Haydée Palacios, Blanca Guardado, Gloria Bacon, Elvin Vanegas, Ramón Rodríguez, Thelma Carrillo, Ofilio Picón, Elsa Picado, Wilmor López and Griselda Rivas, director of culture of the Municipality.

Likewise, the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture, the Rubén Darío National Theater, Camerata Bach, the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement, the Guachipilín Puppet Workshop and the Mayor's Office of Managua received recognition.

Doctor Félix Palacios expressed his gratitude and affection to all the artists for the great contribution they have made in maintaining the national identity through art and culture.

"In this way we pay homage to Rubén Darío, making a small tribute and recognition to all those theater, dance, music, poetry and painting artists who have dedicated their lives to strengthening the cultural identity of our country," said Palacios. .

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