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Good Government receives recognition for the Love of the Great Roberto Clemente

The Association of Sports Journalists of Puerto Rico delivered on the morning of this Monday, February 6, plaques of gratitude to the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, the National Assembly and the Mayor's Office of Managua, for keeping alive after so many years, the legacy of Great Roberto Clemente.

This recognition granted to the Government of Nicaragua and the National Assembly is due to the declaration of a National Hero to the legendary Roberto Clemente, who in addition to being a baseball player, was an excellent human being, who dedicated much of his life to helping others.

While the plaque to the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, is for its annual tributes "A flower for Clemente", which are held every December 31 with the sports academies.

The plaques were delivered by Hiram Vega Pérez, Secretary of International Relations of the Puerto Rico Sports Journalists Association.

“This recognition filled us with great emotion, even though Roberto gave his life and at that moment he did not think he was going to die, he only thought of arriving to help the people who really needed it, a town suffered by nature, He wanted to guarantee that the help of the Puerto Ricans would reach the Nicaraguan people and sometimes we are so ungrateful that we lose loved ones and forget them, by forgetting them we show that there is no love, but Nicaragua did not forget and 50 years later keep that legacy alive, really that we have to recognize it, grateful to the government, to the Mayor's Office, "said Vega.

A new recognition and it is a confirmation of the close ties between Puerto Rico and Nicaragua, said Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

"Always thanking Clemente, his family and always remembering that heroic gesture of Roberto, of offering his life to help Nicaraguans," added Armas.

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