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Remembrances of ballads and boleros in homage to Managua

Paying homage to the 171st anniversary of Managua being elevated to the Capital of the Republic of Nicaragua, the Managua Mayor's Office held a concert of remembrances of ballads and boleros in Plaza de Colores in Puerto Salvador Allende.

"A tribute to Managua, the Marina Cárdenas municipal choir is enlivening this afternoon, in which we are also remembering our Universal Poet Rubén Darío, they have prepared very special songs, setting Rubén's poems to music, to the delight of all the citizens of the capital," he shared Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

Marlon Monroe expressed that they are activities to enjoy as a family, "it is good that we have this pleasant environment, which the people of Managua deserve, I think it is excellent."

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